Prenatal Wellness Massage

The role of massage and bodywork has a long and honorable tradition in a woman's journey to motherhood. Stress and transformation are the hallmarks of pregnancy, and how the pregnant woman handles stress will have a great effect on the health of her baby. Prenatal massage was developed to support and respect the physiological systems that may be strained and working overtime to grow the unborn baby. In addition to the therapeutic effects massage offers to the musculoskeletal and circulatory system, prenatal massage can supplement a woman's sense of support, intimacy, and wholeness. 

Additional Benefits include:

  • Supports a healthy utero environment

  • Elevates mood, encourages loving maternal care

  • Treats discomfort of pregnancy

  • Fosters deep breathing, enhances internal respiration

Induction Massage

A number of discernible maternal physical and emotional changes occur in the last few weeks of pregnancy that come with the onset of labor. Some changes are easy to recognize while others are happening internally. Prelabor bodywork can assuage a woman's fears by making her more comfortable physically and preparing her body for labor. Manual lymphatic drainage techniques are implemented to reduce swelling in the legs, and myofascial release and moderate stretching help prepare for various birthing positions. Also acupressure is implemented to help stimulate various labor points (Large Intestine 4, Liver 3, Spleen 6) once gestation has reached 40 weeks.

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Meet the Doula

​Are you looking for a Doula or resources to help transition into motherhood? Interested in learning about how massage can compliment your prenatal care? Join us at Amazing Births for a chance to meet your perfect match

  • Receive an overview of what doulas do

  • Learn the benefits of doula services

  • Understand how dads/partners and doulas work together

  • Discover how to find the right doula for you.

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