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Stressed?... let's talk about it

Stress is considered to be any and everything that takes the body out of homeostasis. It can manifest physically, emotionally, mentally even environmentally as we live our day to day lives. Although stress has a bad rep, the right amount can help encourage the body to become stronger. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger right? Unfortunately with the more stress, the further out of balance the body becomes. With chronic ailments a lifestyle change should be considered as a long term goal, as daily practices can compliment treatment services to bring the body back to homeostasis.

For over thousands of years, and a multitude of cultures massage has been used for relieving pain, discomfort, healing, or improving overall health. Touch is one of the most basic human needs, also scientifically proven that deprivation of touch can cause significant developmental barriers. In traditional Eastern philosophies the Qi travels through a pathway of meridians, when balanced and unrestricted the body can maintain good health. Swedish massage perhaps the most widely recognized, often used in combination with other modalities bring about relaxation and an improved blood flow.

Below you can find a list of activities that help destress the mind and body, enjoy!

* Regular and consistent massage

* Acupuncture

* Spending time outside in nature

* Yoga and meditation

* Swimming, walking, or light aerobics

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