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Rising to the surface

Cupping and vacuum therapies offer some of the same benefits as massage minus the gravity! The suction of the cups draws tissue, blood, and energy upwards. Cupping is an art as much as it is a science using the suction, location and skill to properly execute this therapy. Mentioned in the Egyptian medical book, Ebers Papyrus, cupping therapy was systematically used to remove foreign matter from the body. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) relies on creating balance to energy within the body and often used with other alternative medicines. Moving cupping is what you can book here where I'll be implementing running cupping, stationary cupping, and air cupping for full body sessions.

To bring balance within the body I will use the Back Shu points found bilaterally along the vertebral column. The Qi of the internal organs are infused at these back shu points relating to the lungs (UB 13), heart (UB 15), liver (UB 18), spleen (UB 20), and kidneys (UB 23). Cupping treatment is an additional 15 minutes to full body session, and please be aware there may be bruising days after. Revealing what has been within, rising to the surface.

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