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Revitalize the feet!

Today's focus is on the feet, toes, ankles and the grounding connection to mother earth. The architecture of the feet along with the musculature was made in beautiful design to reconcile and neutralize opposing forces the moment we stand tall in the morning. Unfortunately with overuse of stiff shoes and paved surfaces it allows for our feet to be passive and inarticulate. Luckily when we kick of our shoes, and perform stretches, yoga, or exercises barefoot it restores the strength and mobility of the feet.


Reflexology is an ancient practice which can be done with the feet, hands or even ears using different zones corresponding to different internal organs. Reflexology is similar to acupressure in that it works with the body's vital energy through stimulation however acupressure points may not always coincide with the reflex points in reflexology. In addition to other preventative health care modalities reflexology can be used to help with anxiety, asthma, diabetes and headaches. With each foot representing a vertical half of the body reflexologists can stimulate the internal body through corresponding zones on the feet.


Daily grounding and stretching the feet help increase blood flow, stimulate energy zones, and bring us closer to the vibration of the earth.

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