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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you offer mobile massage?

A: Yes, mobile services start at 90 minutes for new clients. Post op drainage, pediatric and prenatal sessions are also mobile.  For in studio services please see menu for details. 

Q: Do you accept CashApp?

A: Yes, I accept CashApp ($blendid) , Zelle, Paypal and Visa. Payments can be made when booking online, or in person as well. 

Q: I don't see the time I want to book online? 

A: The time may already be booked and is unavailable. Booking for session within 17 hours will receive text for confirmation. 

Q: Do you do events or groups? 

A: Yes, chair massage is provided for outdoor/group events. And for private events maximum amount of guests vary.

Q: This is my first massage ever which one should I go with?

A: My recommendations is to start with the Signature Stress Fix 90 minute session. Please book a consultation for further, specific recommendations. 

Q: Should I book my massage or facial first?

A: Always try to book and complete massage prior to facial or skin care treatment.

Q: Can I book a wax appointment and massage for the same morning?

A: Yes, the hair removal will come first before massage.

Q: Do you offer couples massage?

A: Yes, requests for dual session must be made at-least one week prior.

***Please note clients cover all parking and or valet fees

***Additional travel fee of $3 per mile is applied if location is more than 2o min away from starting location